I’m so happy that I started doing these monthly reviews. It’s been wonderful to sit down each month and think back on everything that I was able to do, blessings I received, and how I want to continue to live my life.

We started out the month by going to the Utah Jazz game where they played the Raptors. We were so excited about the game because two former Utah Utes basketball players now played on the Raptors. We basically went to the game just to watch Delon Wright! It was fun, even though I was cheering for the Jazz on the outside, but inside I definitely wanted the Raptors to win (and they did).

Taylor Swift’s album was released so listening to the album whenever possible was exactly what I did. I have mixed feelings. When I think about it as a new Taylor, I love it! When I think back on the old Taylor, I do miss her country days and slower ballads. No matter what though I absolutely love the album and have listened to it so many times I’ve clearly lost count. My favorite songs are “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things” and “New Year’s Day”.

Every year we host “Friendsgiving” at our house. We invite our group of friends over and have a huge thanksgiving feast and hang out. It is one of my favorite traditions for Thanksgiving. I’m always reminded how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends who are like family to me!

For Thanksgiving we celebrated with my mom’s side of the family on Sunday before they went out of town. Then on Thanksgiving we went to Kyle’s family for dinner. After dinner we went Black Friday Shopping….my favorite! I love walking around with my family and seeing all the craziness. I am such a people person and being around so many people at once honestly makes me so happy, even if it’s strangers in a mall.

This year we went with my mom, dad, Thomas and Morgan even came. We went to Target, South Towne Mall, Best Buy, and Walmart! We got some Disney movies, Disney family feud, some Smart lights for our living room, and I got a cute purse! We don’t actively look for anything specific, we just love going out and I love that we can go with my whole family! Normally even my grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins all go together, but this year they were in Disneyland.

The downside of the end of November means that college football is coming to an end. We watched the last season game for the Utes, but luckily we have a bowl game in December to look forward to! Lou fell asleep during the game…..how cute right?

November was good, but I’m so excited for December. My birthday, Christmas, going to Disneyland, a break, and more!! So ready for it!

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