I think my favorite part of March was the fact that Kyle’s busy season finally started to die down! Wahoo! The first 3 weeks of the month he was working like crazy (like 100+ hour work weeks) and so when they were finished with that client, they gave him the day off and we just spent all day together. It was amazing! I was so happy to finally just have time to spend with him. The funniest part was that Kyle’s only wish was to go to the Disney Store! So that’s where we went! It was such a good break for the both of us.

My second favorite part of March was (of course) March Madness!! Not only the actually NCAA basketball games, but my fashion edition. I love watching the basketball games, although I was bummed out that so far there haven’t been any last second buzzer beaters! Hopefully in the final four! My bracket was seriously busted, but I don’t mind because it means that the number one seeds are getting upset, which is exciting to me. My fashion bracket was also busted early on when my championship winner got eliminated the first round.

If you haven’t seen my March Madness fashion edition post, you can check it out here. There is still a chance to participate if you’d like. It ends on April 8th.

I had spring break for my Murray location of Notes Music Studio (the music studio I own and teach at) the last week of March, so it was nice to have a few days off work. I spent my time hanging out with my sister in law, working on exciting blog things coming your way, relaxing a little bit, and getting my teeth whitened with Chelsie of Hey There, Chelsie. We went to Fresh Smiles Now and I love the work they do. This is my second time going there and both times I left feeling so excited about my teeth and how white they got them. I keep telling Kyle he needs to go, so I think after busy season he is going to go get his done. I highly recommend them.

Honestly other than that, life is pretty typical around here. I’m excited for April because Kyle’s work schedule should calm down for the most part and then May is when busy season is officially over and I am so excited for that. I definitely struggled with busy season during March and I hate admitting that. I really wanted to be better this year, and I think I did get through it with a better attitude overall, but those last few weeks on his busiest client really took it all out of me.

So here’s to April! Kyle’s birthday, less working, and more spending time together! I can’t wait!

Also enjoy some of my favorite photos from the month that don’t have anything to do with anything in particular, but they make up the everyday moments I want to remember.

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