Do you love that it is already the end of August and yet I’m just finally getting around to my everyday happenings from July post? If that doesn’t sum up my July (and August) then I don’t know what would. 

We started the month out with my second favorite holiday, the fourth of July! I love this holiday. My family always goes up to our family cabin and watches the parade, does a big breakfast, and then hangs out and plays volleyball, water balloons, horseshoes, and more. We then went back to our house and just hung out (which we rarely do during the summer so it was nice) and then went and ate some snow cones. YUM!! We were going to go to fireworks, but we had done some the night before and oddly we were both exhausted, so we went to bed! haha That is not like us, but it was so needed.

The next day we drove to St. George for a fun weekend getaway with Kyle’s family. We spent the weekend hanging out, hiking, spending time together, playing games, and attending Cinderella at Tuachan. It was a fun weekend and something his family hasn’t done in almost 10 years, so it was so fun!

After St. George we had 5 days and then we jetted off to Disneyland! I was so excited to see the new Pixar Pier and join in the Pixar Fest fun. We went with Morgan and it was an absolute blast. I am so grateful for a great relationship with my in laws and that the three of us could just head off to Disneyland and have the best time.  Pixar fest was so cool too. I almost cried riding the new Incredicoaster. It was just so well done and left me with all the Disney feels. Our last day there we went and tried out The Void in Downtown Disney. It is a virtual reality experience that is crazy. I seriously felt like I was really standing next to Darth Vadar (and multiple times I even screamed out loud because it felt so real). It was really fun and I highly recommend it.

When we got back Kyle unfortunately had to head out to Seattle for 2 weeks for work. It was a major bummer, but oh well. I was lucky enough to try drag racing with my brother in law and some of his friends. It was so cool. I was not interested in it at first, but I was so happy I did it. You can race a bunch of different cars and each race against someone it shows your speed as well as your starting reaction time. The goal is to get a perfect 0.00 and it is so rare and hard to get, that they even give you a special award token it you get it. I was close the second time, only off by .07. So then I tried to get closer, and I just kept getting further and further away from the goal. Finally I was just feeling it and I pressed down on the pedal and looked up and WHAT?!?!? I got a perfect score! I was so shocked and way excited. It felt so legit! That race put me in the tournament and I made it all the way to the championship race against Morgan, where I ended up going slightly too early so I lost. Second place is pretty good to though!

The end of the month my friend Jess and I went to see Niall Horan in concert. I have always been a big One Direction fan and so seeing Niall (my favorite 1D boy) was really fun. We kept watching this boy and girl in front of us because they clearly liked each other, but neither was making a move. Then we start seeing the girl dropping hints like crazy as the night went on and the kid just did not get it or was way too scared. It was really hilarious and made me think back on my own high school days when I was probably the same way!

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