This post is going to be super short, because well….this month wasn’t that exciting.  Kyle has been working super late right now and so it means I just work, work, and work. Luckily as a business owner I can keep myself busy with lots of work to do for myself.  I also have amazing friends who have come over to keep me company and I have lots of family close by to hang out with as well. Plus the cutest little puppy to be my best friend while Kyle is at work. 

This month started off with a fun blogger event for Albion Fit.  I love their company and the owners are the sweetest people. I’ve loved learning about their story and see how hard they have worked to make this happen.  They did a swimsuit fashion show to launch their new line, and it was so fun to see everything before their launch.  They have so many fun new swimsuits this year. I had my sister in law, Emma, come with me to the event, and it was so fun to have her come along with me.

There was a fun blogger yard sale this month where a bunch of local bloggers were able to come together and sell our clothes. My favorite part was being able to sit with some of my favorite girls that I don’t get to see as often and chat about life and blogging. 

Valentine’s Day was this month too and if you don’t know what Kyle and I do every Valentine’s Day, then you can head over here and read this post.  It is one of our favorite traditions and we look forward to it every year. 

Basically weekdays were spent working and the weekends were spent playing and having fun! We went to Utah Basketball games, hung out with friends, had game nights, went to movies and just had fun. We live for our weekends!

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