I feel like December flew by so fast, as I’m sure everyone feels that way. December is full of piano recitals for my music studio, Notes Music Studio, and my birthday and Christmas. The holidays are already so crazy, so to add the additional recitals and birthday celebrations, it’s always a packed month for the Ellis fam.

I had four piano recitals this past December, which was fun, but stressful. I swear I always forget how stressful those recitals are until I’m in the thick of it all. They went well though, and I was proud of every student who performed.

Kyle’s work had their Christmas party, which was really fun. We were able to go to the Grid and do their big go cart racing on their three tier track (which was insane). Then we went to Evermore and ate food and looked at the lights. It was fun to be able to interact more with the people he works with everyday.

The best part of my December was when Kyle surprised me with a trip to Disneyland for my birthday. He handed me a note the day before with a hotel confirmation. When I realized it was for Anaheim, I said “We are going to Disneyland? When?” (I hadn’t found the date yet.) “Tomorrow”, he said. I was floored and so excited. I had never been to Disneyland on my actual birthday and it seriously was the best trip I’ve had in a long time. I still can’t believe it.

Kyle and I did our annual Christmas Eve tradition where we have 2 hours to do our Christmas shopping for each other. It’s always a blast and I love our weird little traditions. Also I love shopping on Christmas Eve. The hustle and bustle is so fun and energizing to me.

Christmas was a blast too. We started the day together, then went to my parent’s house, then my grandparent’s house, and then ended the day with Kyle’s family. It was fun and I’m really happy we have family so close. My favorite gift was the Faux Leather Leggings Kyle got me that I had been wanting really badly. My favorite gift to give Kyle was the Jazz Jersey. We also got my sister in law some Albion Fit joggers (which she had been wanting) and my brother the Oculus Go, which were my favorite gifts to give other people. This year I enjoyed giving more than normal. I think it’s because we really tried to get some gifts that fit the person we were buying for more than in years past (also because we threw our budget out the window on a few people so we could actually get them good items hahahaha).

The worst part was definitely when the Utah Utes lost their bowl game on New Year’s Eve. It was super depressing and ruined our night. We ended up playing darts, some card games, and then watching The Office and going to bed right at midnight.

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