December.  My favorite month of the year.  Not only is it Christmas, but my birthday month, so many fun parties, traditions, and lots of hanging out with Kyle (my real all time favorite thing).

This month we kicked it off with a bang by throwing a Christmas party with my friends from high school.  It was so fun to see everyone again and get to know their wives better too.  We played games, ate food, and just hung out.  You can see more details on the party we planned here.

I also got to participate in a collaborative shoot with my favorite bloggers.  I’m so grateful for these ladies and really don’t know where I’d be without them.  They support me, laugh with me, help me and inspire me.  You can read about the shoots we did here, here and here.  We also had a girls night where we went to Cheesecake Factory and just talked for 3 hours, swapped Christmas gifts and just hung out.  So grateful for these girls who have become some of my best friends.

Kyle’s work party this year was at Top Golf and we had an absolute blast.  I love Top Golf, even if I’m not very good.  Then right after his work party (which was right after my photoshoot) we went to Wise Guys comedy with some friends. 

One of the best parts of my month was the fact that Kyle and I are now officially Disneyland Annual Passholders! I’ve always wanted to be an annual passholder, so this was a dream come true! We went for a few days with our friends Keara and Cory.  It was so fun to be there at Christmas time again this year and also was a blast to be there with friends.  Plus having the pass helped me not feel pressure to ride all the rides at least 4 times, so we just did what we wanted.

We took Christmas card photos this year up in the mountains with Charissa.  It was really cold, but totally worth it. Some of my favorite photos are below.


Piano recitals were a success this year and I felt like it was one of the best yet.  The students had worked hard and I felt like I did a better job of helping each of them be ready and sound the best they could.  

Leland came home from school for the break and it was so fun to have him back.  We went to the lights on Temple Square and then made gingerbread houses (yearly tradition).  We also went to an escape room a few days later and got some hot chocolate and hung out in Sarah’s car after.  It was fun to catch up with everyone and I’m bummed Justin and Leland have to go back to school next week.

For my birthday it was a really chill day.  I can’t believe I turned 26 though.  I seriously feel old! Which is funny since I am only in my 20’s….but I just feel like saying 26 makes it so much older.  haha I played in 2 soccer games and went to lunch with my family.  It was chill and relaxing and a good day.

Christmas we woke up and had our own stocking exchange.  Every year on Christmas Eve we have a race where you have one hour to get everything to fill the other persons stocking.  It is my favorite Christmas tradition and I look forward to it every year.  After stockings we went to my parents’ house and opened presents there and then Skyped with my sister.  I’m so excited she is coming home in 3 weeks! YAY!! After that my grandparents came over and we got to open presents with my extended family.  Then we drove to Bountiful and hung out with Kyle’s family for presents and dinner.  I’m so glad we are so close to family where we can visit everyone on Christmas Day.


The week after Christmas was filled with Kyle and I hanging out and spending time together before he starts busy season (which is the worst time ever haha).  Looking back on 2017 those were my favorite times.  Hanging out with Kyle.  We traveled a lot, hung out with friends, went on weekly dates, and grew together.  He was my favorite part os 2017 and I know he will be my favorite part of 2018.

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