I LOVE scavenger hunts! There is something to me about having to figure out clues and explore amazing places, especially when I am racing against other teams (you could say I am a little competitive).  This love of scavenger hunts is why my cute husband planned an adorable scavenger hunt proposal when he asked me to marry him.  A blog post about that will be coming soon so stayed tuned!
A few years back I heard about this race called The Challenge Nation.  They are a company that travels around cities in the United States and plans crazy fun photo scavenger hunts. My friends and I participated three years ago and I had a blast.  I loved running around Salt Lake City trying to figure out clues based on the city I’ve grown to love.
When I saw they were coming back I knew I wanted to participate again, but this time I wanted to win! The team consisted of Kyle, Trevor (Kyle’s brother), Emma (Trevor’s Girlfriend), Richard (one of our best friends) and of course, me! The thing I love about this challenge, besides the fact that I feel like I am on the Amazing Race, was some of the crazy challenges you have to complete.  We had to make a pyramid, act out a scene from a movie, find someone who is from a state that was an original 13 colony, and more. We had an absolute blast and even though I had told everyone I was really serious about winning, I really just hoped we could get in the top 50.  When we crossed the finish line I was thrilled that we took 10th place.  Top ten baby! I was really excited!
Take a look at the pictures from the race and seriously consider participating next year, I know I will be!






















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