This blog post was sponsored by Melea Nelson, Creme, and The Copper Cauldron.  All opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I was invited to attend a blogger event hosted by photographer Melea Nelson at the Lemon and Sage venue.  I always love when I get to get together with my blogger friends.  The wonderful thing is what started out as a “blog friendship” has turned into a real, deep, and personal relationship outside of just blogging.  Some of these girls have become my very best friends and people that I hang out with outside of blogging events and talk to about my everyday life.  Girls that I call to share my excitement or sorrows and girls that I call to go on double dates with our husbands.  I just feel so lucky every time I go to an event and get to surround myself with all these amazing women.

The event was a lovely breakfast made by the talented Makenna Hansen who recently started a catering business called The Copper Cauldron.  She is originally from California and has been working at Taste for the last few years while she learned all she could and practiced creating items until she had created their entire menu.  Amazing right? She uses only the best organic ingredients and you could tell when eating the food.  She caters weddings and wedding luncheons and specializes in personalized menus for your event.  

The food at the event included: Baked brie in a puffed pastry with sundried tomatoes and pesto served with fresh homemade sourdough, which she made from scratch. Maple bacon bread pudding served with fresh whipped cream, strawberries, and homemade vanilla syrup. She also made a challa bread from scratch as well. Peach caprese salad which included farm fresh peaches, fresh mozzarella, basil with aged dark cherry balsamic and tangerine infused olive oil. My favorite was the baked brie, which was so delicious that I want to eat more just thinking about it!

To see more about the Copper Cauldron you can visit:

After we ate breakfast we were shown an amazing presentation by the owners of Creme, Mali and Tea. Creme is a ice cream business they’ve just recently started and sell weekly at the Provo Farmers Market and is available to order through their website and then delivered to your doorstep.  It was so cool to see them make the ice cream right in front of us.  Their big push is that you get 100% cream in every bite, and I can say you definitely do.  The base of their ice cream is sugar, milk, and cream, so they use NO PRESERVATIVES.  The flavors we were able to try were Strawberry with balsamic vinegar drizzled on top, which at first I thought would be weird but it was amazing.  The next flavor was chocolate with black cherry on top.  I don’t like cherries, so I only ate the chocolate, but it was delicious and really rich.  The last flavor was a lemon cookie with raspberry puree on top, which was my favorite flavor. 

To see more about Creme you can visit:

The photographer at the event was Melea Nelson.  She was taking photos throughout the whole event, so every photo from this blog post was taken by her.  You can view her website and work here.

The floral was absolutely beautiful and was done by Mille Fleur Design.  I mean look at all these beautiful arrangements? 

So if you are in need of catering, some delicious ice cream, beautiful floral arrangements or photography, don’t forget to check out these businesses above! 

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