It’s time to start thinking of transitioning your closet from the cold days of winter, to the warmer days of spring. One way to help with that transition is jackets. These are the 6 types of jackets I use most frequently during the transition times. I have spent the past few years buying one new jacket each transitional season and now I have a great collection of versatile pieces. Choose one jacket from this list that you don’t have and add it to your shopping list for this upcoming season.

1️⃣: Denim Jackets- my most used jacket. If you don’t have a denim jacket, that should be first on your shopping list for the upcoming season.
TIP: Most used jacket. Everyone needs one.

FIT: A classic denim jacket should hit you at hip length, which works well with pants or jeans. A cropped jacket works well with skirts and dresses.

2️⃣: Utility Jacket – these are more lightweight and come in a variety of colors.
TIP: Perfect for grab and go wear.

3️⃣: Leather Jackets – my favorite fun and flirty jacket. When I want to spice up my look, this is my go to.
TIP: My most often worn jacket on date night or over a dress to “winter-fy” the outfit.

FIT: Your leather jacket should fit nice and snug, but not too tight. it needs to fit in the shoulders and snug at the waistband. It can be loose in the middle.

4️⃣: Camo Jacket – I think these are so fun because of the print.
TIP: They are basically a more fun version of a utility jacket. If you already have a utility jacket, you don’t necessarily need this one too. If you don’t have a utility jacket and want a more bold choice, this would be one to get.

5️⃣: White Denim Jacket – the white jacket is perfect for transitioning into the spring.
TIP: The lighter colors provide a brighter feel and takes the outfit more toward the spring vibes.

6️⃣: Moto Jacket – most of the jackets I own are neutral in color so they can match everything (denims, black, white, Olive), but I highly recommend once you have the basic jackets, you get a fun colored jacket.
TIP: Depending on what season you are shopping for, stick to brighter colors to spring and darker colors to fall to winter.

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