This 5 tips for back to school shopping post is sponsored by My Sister’s Closet Boutique. All opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product I didn’t truly love and use.

I can’t believe that Back To School Shopping is happening already. Where did summer go?! Today I wanted to share with you 5 tips for back to school shopping to help make this year’s shopping trip your most successful one yet!

1.Take Inventory

Before you head out to shop for new back to school clothes, take a look in your closet and take an inventory of a few things. Let’s go step by step on how I take inventory of my closet for back to school.

  • Try Things On: Start by trying things on to see what does and does not fit you. If it doesn’t fit, put it in a separate pile to donate. No need including things in your closet that don’t fit you.
  • Get Rid Of Items You Don’t Wear: Does it still fit, but you just don’t ever wear it? Get rid of it! No need having it in your closet. If you liked the idea of it, add it to a list so you can purchase something you would actually wear that is similar.
  • Make A List of Items You May Need: What did you get rid of and need to replace? What do you wear often, so you should get more of? What is a trend that you may want to try out this year? Ask yourself these types of questions to make sure you are utilizing your shopping experience and not purchasing anything you find.

2. Set A Budget

My biggest piece of advice? Set a budget before shopping. I have a monthly budget that I stick to every month. Back to school shopping I give myself a little bit extra for the month because I know it is a time to stock up on items I will need for the school year. If you set a budget, stick with it. Then anything you weren’t able to buy, you can purchase the next month when you have a new clothing budget.

3. Shop Sales

This may seem obvious, but really watch for which companies are having back to school sales. Most companies do, and many local boutiques offer similar clothes, so there is no reason you can’t get some great deals. You can check out my modest shops page to see some of my discounts, but one of the stores I highly recommend is My Sister’s Closet. I have gone to other stores multiple times, found an item I loved, and then was able to purchase it for $8 cheaper when I bought from My Sister’s Closet. I love their prices, and that you can pick up in store to help cover shipping costs. Plus you can use my code “EVERYDAYELLIS” for an extra 10% off as well!

Shop Based Off Category, Not Clothes

There are days where I shop around, and I browse the stores for whatever catches my eye, but when it is time for Back To School shopping, I recommend shopping by category instead. I like to break my clothes for back to school into the categories of casual and dressy. I also like to think of how to style things multiple ways before I buy something. For example my casual school outfit was this adorable t shirt! I love this GRL PWR t shirt as a casual way to throw it on with jeans or even put it on over a casual t shirt dress.

For my dressy outfit, I like to find a dress that can be used to be more dressy, but also can be dressed down by adding tennis shoes or a denim jacket.

I also loved adding this gingham button up top because of the versatility. I loved pairing it with white jeans and a denim jacket, but you could also wear it without the denim jacket. I also love a good gingham button up to tie around my waist with a cute t shirt as well.

Make It Fun

Sometimes back to school shopping can be hard if you aren’t finding things you want, but if you go in with a good attitude of making it fun, things will go much smoother. I love going into the store because then it is more fun to try things on. Grab whatever you want and try it on. You never know what you will end up liking. Also grabbing a friend to shop with always makes back to school shopping way more fun!

What are your back to school shopping tips? I’d love to hear anything that makes your back to school shopping experience easier in the comments below!


*don’t forget to use code “EVERYDAYELLIS” for 10% off My Sister’s Closet Boutique.

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