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I know there are loads of blog posts from fashion bloggers that show you what staple items you need in your closet, but every article I’ve read seems to say the same things. Jeans, black pants, work pants, skirt, graphic tee, blazer, nice blouse….blah blah blah. Now don’t get me wrong, those are definitely essentials for a staple wardrobe, but I am excited to share a different approach to closet staples today by sharing 5 clothing staples to diversify your closet.

For this fun project I teamed up with My Sister’s Closet Boutique to showcase how I found all 5 items from their shop. They also are offering you 10% off with code “EVERYDAYELLIS”.


I love having a good casual day dress in my closet because they have so much potential for styling. You can wear them to work as a teacher, around running errands if you want to feel an extra boost of “I’m ready to crush my daily tasks”, to a casual evening out with friends, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can wear a dress during the day with heels, sandals, booties, keds, cardigans, blouses, or t shirts. Depending on how you style it, will help you feel confident in owning a cute casual dress in your closet and see why it should be on your staple items list.

Two of my current favorites right now are the Denim Jumper and the Rust Jumper. (Don’t forget code EVERYDAYELLIS)


I love a good cardigan for so many reasons, but my favorites, they are so cute and can be worn all year long. I love this one from My Sister’s Closet because not only is it stylish with the stripes, but it is only $18! YOU GUYS THAT’S A STEAL! Plus they offer free shipping and when you use my code (EVERYDAYELLIS) it makes it even cheaper! WAHOO! I have the Olive colored, but they also have Black and Charcoal available.

Now let’s chat about how I can style this cardigan (or any cardigan) all year long, because honestly we all know if we purchase something, we better get as much use out of it as we can.

Winter: Throw it on with jeans and a white blouse, some booties, and a cute hat.

Spring: Pair it over your favorite white dress and wear it to church or a date night out.

Summer: Roll up the sleeves a little bit, and if the cardigan is lightweight you can pair it with some shorts and a graphic tee.

Fall: Throw it on over a jumpsuit with some keds or booties and rock the layering look in style.

I love this cardigan and can’t wait to wear it all year long. I also suggest getting a solid colored cardigan in either your favorite color or a color that goes well with a lot of your existing items. For me, that is pink and mustard yellow. Shop the stripe cardigan I’m wearing above here and take a look at the other cardigans here.


I think a good, fancy dress is crucial to your closet. A dress that can be worn to a fancy party, a date night out, a fancy smancy concert, but also can be worn to church. Make sure you choose your fancy dress to be fancy enough to be worn to a party, but also not overly fancy that you can’t wear it to church without standing out. I highly recommend this gorgeous Burgundy dress from My Sister’s Closet as the perfect dress to fit this category. You can purchase it here.


I LOVE JUMPSUITS!!!!! If I could just leave that sentence right there and end this blog post, I would. They are my favorite item to wear and I think they can be so versatile, which is why for me, if you want to diversify your wardrobe, but still have staple items, the jumpsuit is a must. This jumpsuit is wide legged, which I had never tried before, but I really liked it. I loved that it fit well, even though I’m short (5′ 3′) and have the tinniest chicken legs you’ll ever see. I think the wide leg works better to dress up, so I threw on some heels and a denim jacket, and I had a great outfit to wear to work as a teacher. I switch those out for Keds and a t shirt underneath and I’ve got a Saturday outfit fit for hanging out and running errands. The one pictured can be found here, but they also have a whole section on their website dedicated to jumpsuits, so take a look around and don’t forget the 10% off code to make it even cheaper.


If you noticed a trend above, they almost all had the option to pair it with a graphic tee for a different look. So instead of saying just have a t shirt in black and white for your staple item, I say branch out and have a graphic tee with your favorite saying. They have some great options that can be found here. The weekending one is super cute and would be so fun with any of these items listed above.

What do you think? Are you more of a traditional staples closet kinda girl or do you like to diversify and have some of the items I mentioned above?

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