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Spring for me is all about bright colored outfits, and of course that includes jewelry. Today I want to share with you some tips on how to make your jewelry stand out this spring. It’s always frustrating when you have cute jewelry, but no one notices or can see it.

I’m going to be using some turquoise jewelry from JTV  to showcase how I make my jewelry stand out, turning an everyday simple outfit, to the next level. I’ve always loved turquoise jewelry because of how bright and happy it is.  Turquoise is the world’s oldest gemstone and has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. It’s also the birthstone for the month of December, which is my birthday month! YAY! Also you can use code “JTVFREE” for free shipping on all your orders!


Tip #1: Bright Jewelry, Muted Top

Wearing muted colors for your top will help to make your jewelry stand out even more.  This helps to not make contrasting colors clash.  I wore my Sterling Silver 5 Strand necklace with a light gray sweater and my Tehya Oyama Turquoise necklace with a black and white polka dot top. You can see how well the necklaces pop against the gray and black.

Tip #2: Wear Short Sleeve Shirts or Tighter Sleeve Sweaters with Bracelets

Wearing chunky sweaters or thick sleeved shirts can cause your bracelets to get lost in all the fabric.  Consider wearing a short sleeve shirt so that your bracelet is fully visible. If the weather doesn’t permit you to wear a short sleeve shirt, try wearing a long sleeve shirt where the sleeves aren’t bulky.  This will allow the bracelet to sit nicely at the end of the sleeves, being fully visible. You can purchase my bracelet here.

Tip #3: Pull Your Hair Back

Now that I have long hair, sometimes my jewelry gets hidden beneath my hair.  I’ve found that when I style my hair in certain ways, it helps to make my jewelry the center of attention. You can see here that I put my hair in pig tails so you can see the entire necklace as the focus. You can also pull it back in a ponytail, in a low or high messy bun, or side braid.  Whatever way you like to wear your hair back, make sure you can see your jewelry.

Tip #4: The Bigger, The Better

This one is obvious, but the bigger the jewelry, the more obvious it will be.  I love this big chunky turquoise necklace because it demands attention.  The necklace is quite the opposite of the chunky necklace in the fact that the chain is simple, but the actual stone is big and bright. This helps to make the stone become the center of attention.

Tip #5: Match Your Necklace and Bracelet

I’ve noticed that when I match my necklace and bracelet, the color stands out more and the jewelry becomes more visible.  You can see the example in the photo below.  I recommend putting this necklace and this bracelet together as I did.

Hopefully these tips help you to showcase your new jewelry and give your outfits the pop of color it needs this spring. You can find each of the items I styled here:

5 Strand Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Pendant

Southwest Style Bracelet

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