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I have loved taking photos of Baby B each month to remember how he changed each month and try to capture who he was in a simple photo. For the longest time these photos just sat on my phone (of course in the favorites folder) and I didn’t know what to do with them. I knew I needed to find a way to showcase and save these photos and memories. Today I’m showing you how I am remembering baby milestones with Northland Frames & Gifts.

Northland Frames & Gifts has an great selection of photo frames for any stage of life, but I decided to use their Baby frame to showcase each monthly photo of Baby B. This frame allows you to put wallet sized photos from newborn through their first birthday. It is customizable with their name and you are able to choose from a variety of wood colors for the frame. If you already have a frame, you can also just purchase the insert here, which is also customizable.

I love being able to see all the monthly photos next to each other and see him grow in each stage. Not only do I want to remember the way he looked, but I want to remember what B was like during each of these months. Babies change so much from month to month, that it is so easy to forget those changes unless you write them down. To help me remember these changes, I decided to write down a few memories on the back of each photo before putting them into the frame. This way I can remember B for not only what he looked like at each monthly milestone, but I can remember what he was doing, loving, and hating during those months as well.

Northland Frames & Gifts has given our Everyday Ellis readers a special discount on this frame! Use code “ELLIS10” for 10% off your order and start showcasing those baby memories in your home and not just on your phone.

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