I couldn’t be more excited to announce that this past fall we bought our first house! What started out as one photo outside the house, turned into a whole photoshoot thanks to the amazing Charissa Lee Photography.  I am so happy to have these photos to look back on.

Back in April I jokingly started looking at houses to buy on Zillow and would screenshot some of my favorites.  Kyle and I started talking more about what we would want in a house and if we thought we could afford it or not.  We had been saving for a house, but hadn’t been focusing on it specifically.  May roles around and we started realizing that buying a house was definitely possible and that we had saved enough money for one! We started looking more seriously and told our apartment complex that we wouldn’t be renewing our lease after July.

We started looking for houses, getting our loan options ready and everything seemed to be in order….until it wasn’t.  Unfortunately we had to wait until Kyle started his full time job in August before we could close on the house.  So we took July off from looking at houses, went to New York and when we came back from our trip we started searching for our perfect house again.  When we started looking again, we went to a lot of different houses.  One stood out to us at the very beginning, but since we had just started looking again, we weren’t sure if it was the one for us. After looking at more houses, I couldn’t stop thinking about that one.  We found out that it was still on the market, we ended up placing an offer, and saying….hello to our new house!!

I have to give a BIG shoutout to our amazing realtor, Ben Waller.  I can’t begin to tell you how AWESOME he was to work with. I had talked with a lot of different people about who they had used to help buy their home and it was surprising to me how many people were unhappy with their realtor.  We were extremely lucky to have worked with Ben.  He would send us multiple listings at the beginning of every day, set up all the appointments in a quick manner, dealt with everything so we didn’t have to, gave great advice, answered all our questions, and was so fun to be around.  If you live in Utah I highly recommend him.  You can see his information here.

The first night in our new house we had Subway, partly because by the time we had finished cleaning it was late and we were tired, but also because the first night we were married (after the reception) we were both so hungry and all that was open was Subway.  So we drove to Subway and had dinner on our wedding night.  It’s been a funny joke now and we thought the perfect meal to start our first house!

That was our “WAHOO! WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!” pose!

It has been so much fun to have our very own house and I can’t wait to show you more photos of the inside, including some decorating tips and tricks on a budget that I’m learning along the way! 

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