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I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love how my living room gallery wall turned out! It looks better than I ever could have imagined! I chose different aspects from my favorite Pinterest finds and tried to make my own unique twist on the design. I have some tips to share with you for creating a gallery wall in your living room.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Gallery Wall:

1 – Choose a Theme: I went with a modernized farmhouse style.  I love the wood based with metal accents of the farmhouse trend right now, but I also love throwing in a little bit of color.  I felt like the green helped to modernize the farmhouse theme of my wall.

2 – Plan Ahead: I decided to plan ahead when it came to measuring and getting everything I needed beforehand and I’m so glad I did.  I laid everything out on the floor and each time I got a new piece I’d make sure it would fit within my measured parameters.

3 – Don’t Rush It: I took a few months finding the perfect items for my wall.  I spent a good amount of time planning it out and finding exactly the pieces I wanted.  This caused my planning ahead to be a little tricky, but it worked out.  I put any items that I bought in the same location in my upstairs room and every time I bought a new item I would then pull them out, measure it, and then put it back in a pile so it didn’t take up my whole living room.

4 – Add Meaningful Items: I think gallery walls are the perfect way to show your personality in your home decor.  For my wall I wanted to use photos of Kyle and I, because I’m slightly obsessed with family photos.  I chose the giant “E” to showcase our last name and the hello and hi signs because I love the word ‘hello’.  One of my favorite pieces of decor is my Utah Utes sign that my sister in law had made for me last year at Christmas.  What I love about it, is that it fits my family, it shows my love of Utah Utes, it has our name on it, and it is a personalized quote that is the farmhouse style.  I suggest once you have your theme, find a company that can do personalized items for a fun family quote.

5 – Plan Your Other Living Room Decor To Match Your Gallery Wall: Make sure to plan ahead of time, what you are putting below your gallery wall.  I knew that I wanted to find a cute end table to go below, but that also meant that whatever decor I put on the table had to match the gallery wall as well as not be too tall to overwhelm the gallery wall.

6 – Know What Photos You Are Using: This is a tip I wish I had thought of before I started this whole process.  I had created the whole wall and then went to choose which photos I wanted, and unfortunately some of the photos I had wanted to display would not have worked with my outline.  I had too many vertical positioned photos I wanted to display, and had too many horizontal spots available.  It ended up working out just fine, but there are definitely other photos I would’ve loved to use if I had thought ahead. 

7 – Get High Quality Photos and Canvases – I was so grateful I went with Canvas on Demand for printing my photos.  They have amazing quality and the photo quality was incredible.  I was so impressed with how easy it was to use their online system to order and how quickly it shipped to me! They have a variety of sizes as well, which helped when I was planning my wall.  It didn’t limit my creativity or vision.

I will link where I found everything below! Don’t hesitate to comment below with any questions you may have! And as always….remember to pin away! 

Special Thanks to Charissa Lee Photography for helping take these wonderful photos of my living room.

Also special shoutout to Urban Farm Girl who was a big part of the inspiration on this wall.

Decorations Available Here:

Canvases – Canvas On Demand

End Table – Hobby Lobby

Decorations from Rod Works Include – Flower Container, Topiary, Glass Milk Jars with Basket, and White Lantern

Utah Utes Sign – Freckled Fox by Jess

Thankful Sign – Royal Sign and Design (Use code “Ellis20” for 20% off your purchase and free shipping on orders over $125)

Pillow – Eighth and Main

Hobby Lobby Decoration – Ampersand Sign, Hello Sign, Metal E, You and Me Sign, hi decoration, Globe

Family Cross Stitch – Family Stitch

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Some of my other favorite home decor items are:

Felt Boards, Old Wood Bowl, Floor Plant, Cute Bookshelf,  Hand Woven Rug, You are My Sunshine Sign

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