I use to never wear loungers, sweat pants, or t shirts, until I became an adult and life got hard. haha (who else can relate?!)  I would also tease my little sister because she would come home from high school and throw on some sweats, but now I understand.  Being comfy after a long day of work is one of the best feelings ever! Today I am sharing with you my favorite lazy day looks, comfy after work/school outfits, or even hanging out with the kids at home clothes for you to add to your closet!

Please Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase. This does not increase your paying price in anyway, but helps me to afford the time and money that comes with blogging.  Remember I only post products that I love 100% and would never post anything I didn’t truly use and love.  Thanks for all your love and support with my blogging journey!

These blue and white stripe pajama bottoms were the best investment I’ve made when it comes to comfy clothes.  I wear them to bed in the winter (because I get so cold) and when I’m just hanging out around the house in the evenings.  They even cuff at the bottom so they don’t ride up when I’m laying down, which is my favorite part.  These are currently sold out, but the same company came out with a similar style in many different color schemes that you can purchase here.

Some of my favorite color schemes you can view here, here, and here.

Stripe Pajama Bottoms (similar) ||  Snuggle Me Sweater  ||  Green Blanket

My other go to “comfs” are similar to the style from above, but they fit a little longer than I would like (short girl problems ha), but I still love them and wear them often. You can shop these comfs here.  (I did receive these sweats from TaraLynn’s Boutique to review.) They also have a black pair with white stripes that you can purchase here. (Isn’t Lou adorable?)

Black and White Breakout Loungers  ||  #tired Tee

Now you can’t be comfortable with just a good pair of sweat pants, but you need the perfect top to go along with it.  My favorite t shirt to lounge around in is my #tired t shirt.  First off it explains me to a T since I always feel tired, and second it works so well with the theme of a lazy day look.  I love a good graphic tee and this one is a good one.  You can find it here.

You can view some of my other favorite graphic tees here (I’m planning on buying this one), here, and here.

#tired T Shirt  ||  Breakout Loungers

In the winter I love throwing on my favorite sweater from Shop Friday Apparel for those cold winter days and nights.  I had another sweater from this same company and the material in their sweater is so soft that I had to buy myself another one.  So when the “Snuggle Me” sweater went on sale I immediately bought it and it was the best decision ever! I am constantly making Kyle feel the inside of the sweater because I love how soft it is.  You won’t regret this and the wording “Just Snuggle Me” describes me perfectly.  You can purchase one here.

Snuggle Sweater  ||  Breakout Loungers

I love finding a good pair of joggers to wear because they are perfect for lounging around and also to wear out if need be.  I found these from Opal and Ruby and although they are sold out, they have a similar pair in gray.


Special thanks to my photographers Charissa Lee Photography and Jill Collier Photography for their amazing work!

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