Dresses in the winter can be a tricky subject. It’s hard to stay warm, and it’s hard to know how to style them without looking frumpy and like you’ve gained 20 pounds. Today I am sharing some of my favorite tips for how to wear dresses in the winter.

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Wear a cardigan over your short sleeve dresses to help your arms not feel as cold. Shop the dress here.


Pair a lace dress with a leather jacket. This not only keeps you warm, but lace and leather pair really well together.


Already have a long sleeve dress that’s meant for the winter, but aren’t sure how else to style it? Add a fur vest for extra warmth and finish off the look with a hat or beanie (for even more warmth) and boots! White boots are so fun to pair with your winter dresses.


I’ve shared this tip before, but it’s too good to not mention again. Wear a sweater (or even just a long sleeve shirt) over your dress for warmth.


Wear tights to keep your legs warm (get a fun colored pair to add color to a more neutral dress), get a nice coat meant to be worn with your dresses when you go out, wear a long sleeve top or sweater underneath a dress without sleeves, pair with over the knee boots, or add a scarf.

Do you have any other tips for staying warm while wearing dresses in the winter?! Let me know below! And don’t forget to pin this post on Pinterest to save for later.

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