This post about ugly Christmas sweaters is sponsored by Tipsy Elves.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

This year Kyle and I hosted a Christmas party for my best friends from high school.  It was a blast to see them again and send time with all of their spouses.  I always wanted to stay close with my high school friends, and we don’t do as much as I would’ve liked, but since it includes 6 boys and me, I understand why.  It’s fun now that we are married though and can all get together when everyone is in town.  Today I am sharing what we did for our party and how you can throw the perfect ugly sweater Christmas party this year.


Having an ugly sweater theme Christmas party is a great idea because it helps provide a “theme” without overdoing it.  Plus it gives people a reason to dress up and have fun.  We got all of our ugly sweaters from Tipsy Elves.  They have such a variety of ugly sweaters, that it was so fun to pick out the perfect one for each person. 

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Style #1: Sequin Pants Outfit

I paired my ugly sweater with some sequin pants and heels to jazz up the outfit and match the sequins from my sweater to my pants.  

Shop The Outfit: Sweater  ||  Sequin Pants  ||  Red Heels

Style #2: Skirt Outfit

Keara (Modest Style) chose to dress up her ugly sweater by pairing it with a skirt.  I love how she mixed and matched a more dressed up and casual approach.  It fits perfectly for an ugly sweater or teacher holiday work party!

Shop The Outfit: Sweater  ||  Sequin Skirt  ||  Red Heels

Style #3: Add Accessories

I love how Kate (Love Simply Kate) and I both added Christmas accessories to fit with our sweaters.  I wore my Santa hat from the Dollar Store and Kate added a cute pair of Reindeer Antlers to jazz up our Christmas sweaters.

Shop The Outfit: Sweater  ||  Reindeer Antlers  ||  Santa Hat

Style #4: Black Jeans and Sweater

Cayli (Nightchayde) and Abby (The Classy Giraffe) both style their sweaters with a pair of black jeans and booties.  Simple and easy, but still super cute!

Shop The Outfit: Sweater #1  ||  Sweater #2

Style #5: Jeans and Sweater

This is the easiest way to wear your ugly sweater! Throw on some cute jeans and let the sweater do all the talking.  Chelsie (Hey There Chelsie) and Kate (Love Simply Kate) both show us how to do this perfectly!  Plus Chelsie’s sweater cracks me up! I think it is so funny.  If you can’t read it, it says “Feliz Navidog”.

Shop The Outfit: Dog Sweater



Have a jar and some slips of paper ready to have people vote for their favorite ugly sweaters.  You could even have prizes for the winners. Making categories such as “ugliest”, “cutest”, “stylish”, “funniest”, “most festive”, etc., would make voting more fun.


This is one of my favorite games to do with friends that you are close with.  Coming up with the funniest gift ideas is always so much fun for me.  Plus this game is so simple to get ready that it requires little to no set up.  I just had a cup with numbers of how many people and BOOM! We were ready to play.


When I was planning the party I found the coolest Family Feud Christmas game on Etsy.  You can find the game here.  We made 2 teams and then had someone be the host in charge of the game.  It was so much fun.  I highly recommend it.


When I was younger we use to play the candy bar game at family games.  We had each person bring a king size candy bar and then Kyle and I purchased an additional 15 candy bars so that there would be multiple choices.  To play the game you need 2 pairs of dice and lots of candy bars.  You roll the pair of dice and if you get doubles you take a candy bar and put it in your paper bag to hide it. If you don’t roll a pair of doubles, then you pass the dice.  We had 2 pairs of dice going since we had a bigger group.  Once all the candy bars have been taken you set a timer for however long you want (we did 30 minutes) and then you start the process again.  This time when you roll doubles you get to steal a candy bar from someone else.  The catch is that you have to specifically say which candy bar you want to steal from them.  Since all the candy bars are hidden in your paper bag, it makes it harder to remember where each candy bar ends up.  Once the timer goes off the game is over and you get to keep whatever candy bars you ended up with.  It was such a hit and everyone loved it!  We used our Amazon Echo Dot to keep track of time and it was so nice to just say “Alexa, set a timer for 30 minutes” and it was set.  You can purchase one via my affiliate link here.


We love food at any party, so of course food at an ugly sweater party is the perfect addition.  We did it potluck style and had everyone bring food to share.  It made the food load easier on me, and then there was a big variety.  Some food ideas that people brought included popcorn, mini sausages, cake, a drink, holiday chex mix, chips and dip, cookies, and more.  

Hopefully these ideas help you to plan a fun and successful ugly sweater Christmas party.  We had an absolute blast and I know you will too.  

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