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Living in Utah, we have a really dry climate which has always been an issue for my skin. I’ve always had sensitive skin and adding the dry climate on top of that has caused a vicious cycle of dry skin, over using lotion, washing it off and drying out my skin even more, then repeat. So when I found the new AVEENO® Prebiotic Oat Body Wash line at Walmart I decided to take my skin matters into my own hands and try a product that could help with the vicious cycle I found myself in.

I have been using the AVEENO® Revitalizing Body Wash Prebiotic Oat + Green Tea because it is made for sensitive skin. It contains Prebiotic Oat and green tea that leaves my skin purified and healthy-looking and also helps to preserve the skin’s microbiome. Your microbiome is basically an invisible ecosystem of microorganisms that live on your skin and consist of good and bad bacteria. If healthy, it acts as a protective shield. Things such as weather, harsh cleaners, and pollution can cause your microbiome to become out of sync, therefore causing your skin to be more prone to dryness, irritation, and sensitivity. Exactly why I’ve had issues with my skin living in such a dry climate. One way you can help to balance out the good and bad bacteria, is to help your microbiome by including the use of prebiotics to help the growth of good bacteria. The great part about the AVEENO® Oat is that it not only allows for rich moisturization in your skin, but also helps give your skin prebiotic support for the growth of microorganisms within the skin microbiome. It leaves my skin feeling purified and healthy looking, while gently cleansing and revitalizing the look of your skin in one step.

I’ve also been trying the AVEENO® Detoxifying Body Wash Prebiotic Oat + Grapeseed Oil product, which helps to detoxify your skin in one step. It helps my skin feel cleansed while leaving skin feeling purified and detoxified to help preserve my skin’s microbiome.

I know a lot of you have experienced the same issues with your skin, whether you live in a dry climate, have used harsh cleaners in the past, or other factors that can cause our skin to struggle. I also know a lot of you are moms, who are looking for easy ways to make smart decisions for your body. These products are available exclusively at Walmart, which makes mom life for me so much easier because of their easy pick up and delivery options. You can find the products easily by clicking here.

Have you tried either of these products? Let me know in the comments below, and if not, head to Walmart and give them both a try. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

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