October is one of my favorite months of the year. This year it started out with a Jonas Brothers concert with some of my best friends. A few months back we had watched the Jonas Brothers documentary and after we were on such a Jo Bro high that we of course had to buy tickets to their concert. It was a fun night and we love our “sucker shirts”.

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I always went to a party thrown by Olive Ave for a launch of her new line. It was a blast! Dancing, food, braid bars, shopping and more. It was fun to see Stephanie again too. She lives in Idaho and I was so happy she came to Utah for the party.

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My mom had a birthday and I was so excited about her gift. I made her a Mickey Christmas wreath and it turned out beautiful. I loved it so much I decided I need to make myself one! This is the only photo I have of it, but there is also a cute Mickey ribbon on it too.

We finally had some family photos done with both the pups. We had photos of us and Lou, but we’ve never done a family session with Lexi and Lou. Lexi was crazy (nothing new) and so we will see how they turn out, but I’m excited for them.

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Cornbelly’s happens every year and its a fun tradition. It’s been sad though because the friends we’ve gone with are all moving away and so the group sadly couldn’t go this year. Growing up sometimes really sticks! ha

For Halloween this year we dressed up like the Incredibles. I made the dogs costumes and was really excited with how they turned out. I know the dogs don’t like costumes much, so I try to make simple items that they don’t mind wearing, like their vests. We had a soccer game that night, so we drove out to our game, and the other team didn’t show! I was so annoyed! I would’ve loved to have kept passing out candy or watched a scary movie. Oh well.

Now check out my favorite items purchased from October:

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