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Whether your Christmas parties include dressing up in a fancy dress or you need an outfit to wear to church this Christmas Eve, today I am sharing with you 6 different christmas party dresses to make you feel stunning and festive at the same time. 

Wearing certain colors and styles during Christmas time can change up the look and feel you are going for at the party.  Each type of dress can be worn to a different party depending on what the theme of the party is.  All of our dresses are from a new shop called Artichoke Crate.  They are a brick and mortar store at Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah and Station Park in Farmington, Utah.

Red and Black Form Fitting Dresses  ||  Fancy Date Night or Fancy Business Party 

Wearing red is a bright Christmas color that helps showcase your festive side, while still looking very stunning.  The form fitting dress also provides a more stunning or sexy feature when paired with heels.  In this look I went with black heels as to not be overly festive and still keep my outfit classy enough for a business party.  Kate (from Love Simply Kate) also went with a form fitting dress with a lace overlay.  Lace is another stunning style right now that fits in perfect for the holiday season.  The sheer lace sleeves and form fitting style helps to make this dress fancier than your typical black dress.  Finding a dress like this is perfect for a night out with your husband or when you want to look fancy at a business party.

I also added a simple, dainty necklace to my outfit for a simple and non overwhelming addition.  I got mine from Sequin NYC and you can shop it here:

Festive Color Mix and Matching  ||  Family Party or Christmas Church Outfit

Cayli (of Nightchayde) paired her beautiful cream skirt with a beautiful green blouse and bright red heels.  She made sure that the accessories brought about the color mixing and didn’t mix and match her top and skirt.  This helped to make the outfit still stunning and not overbearing.  This type of outfit would be perfect for your Sunday church service or even a family party that requires you to dress up for a family photo.  (Come on, we all know there are so many family photos taken on Christmas! haha)  Abby (from The Classy Giraffe) went with a green dress and red shoes.  The red shoes brought about the festive color matching, but didn’t overwhelm the outfit.  Tights are also the perfect addition to your dresses this season as Abby has shown us in this outfit.  Abby’s outfit is much more simple and not as fancy as the other outfits, making it perfect for a family function. 

Neutral Colors and Patterns  ||  Any Holiday Party

The great thing about choosing a dress with a neutral color or pattern is that it provides an elegance and simplicity.  Keara (blogger at Modest Style) showed us how to take a beautiful cream dress and style it with black tights and black heels.  This type of dress is perfect because you can style it in a variety of ways.  If you don’t want to be too festive or flashy, neutral colors are the perfect route to take when planning your outfit.  Keara could wear this outfit to any holiday event this season and look stunning, without sticking out.  Chelsie (of Hey There Chelsie) is showing us how to use a pattern in your holiday dress.  She didn’t need to dress the outfit up or change anything because the pattern on the dress helps to make her outfit unique.  She did wear red heels for a pop of color, but the great thing about a black and white dress is you can pair it with any shoe and still look stunning. This outfit is also great for any holiday party she needs to attend. 


What fun fancy party plans do you have this year? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to pin away!

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